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Payments are made in Story County in the form of Claims & Warrants. Claims are submitted to the Auditor's office. Claims may be payments for goods and services, reimbursements, or payments to entities that rely on funding from the County for their operations. Claims are presented to the Board of Supervisors, and with their approval a warrant, or check is issued to the party requesting payment. Claims are processed bi-weekly, and published online and in local newspapers. Items in parentheses indicates a credit.

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Claims listed are current up to: 8/21/2014 7:30:20 PM

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DepartmentPayment DateRecipientAmount
Conservation Board8/18/2014Molly Cautino($50.00)
City Assessor8/14/2014Mitchel K Friedow$23.52
E-911 8/14/2014Minerva Valley Telephone$169.28
Countywide Services8/14/2014Mia Walker$50.40
Engineer8/14/2014Mid Iowa Fasteners$145.43
Facilities Manager8/14/2014Mid-Iowa Enterprises$4,000.00
City Assessor8/14/2014Matthew R Emerson$7.28
Community Life Program8/14/2014McFarland Clinic$5.00
Community Life Program8/14/2014McFarland Clinic$246.00
Community Life Program8/14/2014Mediacom$70.48
Community Life Program8/14/2014Meesha L Lenning$83.00
Mental Health8/14/2014Mosaic in North Central Ia$360.32
Countywide Services8/14/2014Muscatine County Sheriff$4.00
Engineer8/14/2014Nevada Automotive$284.11
Engineer8/14/2014Nevada Automotive$359.60
Sheriff8/14/2014Nevada Hardware Inc$7.18
Sheriff8/14/2014Nevada Hardware Inc$18.86
Sheriff8/14/2014Nevada Hardware Inc$33.73
Sheriff8/14/2014Nevada Hardware Inc$36.01
Animal Control8/14/2014Nevada Hardware Inc$26.88
Engineer8/14/2014Nevada Hardware Inc$6.40
Engineer8/14/2014Nevada Hardware Inc$8.22
Engineer8/14/2014Nevada Hardware Inc$11.68
Engineer8/14/2014Nevada Hardware Inc$15.29
Engineer8/14/2014Nevada Hardware Inc$24.28
Conservation Board8/14/2014Nevada Hardware Inc$8.34
Conservation Board8/14/2014Nevada Hardware Inc$40.41
Conservation Board8/14/2014Nevada Hardware Inc$71.04
Community Life Program8/14/2014Toby J Sebring$22.00
Community Services8/14/2014Todd MacVey$450.00
Countywide Services8/14/2014Troy Roberts$20.00
Engineer8/14/2014True Value$12.99
Intergrated Roadside Vegetation Management8/14/2014Tyler M Bruck$20.00
Intergrated Roadside Vegetation Management8/14/2014Tyler M Bruck$20.00
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